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Lyrics for Sivert Høyem’s “Prisoner of the Road” added.

Ready To Carry You Written by Sivert Høyem

Will you come for me
In the morning
When all is well
We share the bad time
Do you not think we should share the good times
As well

Ah we cut of a piece of the sky
And call that heaven
In the barren land beneath me
Will we call that hell
How could it be the definitions
Are they always so clear

So won't you walk right over here
Let me just slightly kiss your ear
'Cause hell does not become you
And heaven only slightly passes through here

So you will come for me
Tomorrow or any day
When all is well
Or do you still see the days
Walk in giant circles
Around you

And in this very room
Will you stay up late and talk
You say the medication can make you stand and walk
All this talk of medication
Honey, I'm getting ready
To carry you

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