Legends and Bones — Madrugada, Sivert Høyem and My Midnight Creeps lyrics

Lyrics for Sivert Høyem’s “Prisoner of the Road” added.

New Woman/New Man Written by Sivert Høyem

She hits me like a jetstream
Burning everything, sets a torch to my bone dry soul
And all the ones that lay dead and cold
Now swings and roams
And the cartwheels and the cartwheels and the windmills knock them down
I don't want anyone else around
Just want to play around with this new friend I found

I want her home with me
I want her alone with me
I want her to see all of me
A homeless child screams at me
This is who I am

Oh woman
New woman, new man

Well, it happened once again
The same thing that happened time and time again
And I should look the other way
But my eyes they just want to stay
Hips and thighs and eyes
And yellow, shiny hair
She ain't no feature in the promised land
Just a new woman

New woman, new man

I think of her against me
How we wrestle in white sheets
Her body calling out to me on broad, wide winter streets

I've seen her eyes, I've seen her face
Now I won't sleep with no-one else
I warm ... against my hand
And any old fool will understand

New woman, new man

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