Legends and Bones — Madrugada, Sivert Høyem and My Midnight Creeps lyrics

Lyrics for Sivert Høyem’s “Prisoner of the Road” added.

Love's Institution Written by Sivert Høyem

Midnight in your love's insititution
Hungry as a hawk in my bed
Sleeping now would be the only solution
Nurse come shaking pills
Out of my head

I go walking in your love's institution
Pass the candles and the skeletons and the loons
I see these things but I can't come to no conclusion
Second lane for their corridors and their carpeted rooms

This man comes up to me and says:
"Ah, do you wanna sniff some glue?"
I say: "I have some things to do,
I got some people to see,
Got some things to attend to"

He says: "If you dont wanna sniff some glue,
- Then, then you're not you, and I don't know who I'm talkin' to"
I say: "Get out of here!"
"I gotta go see, ah, I gotta go see you-know-who"
He shouts: "I warned you, many times, about the doctor!"
- "He conspires with the insects and the rain,
He keeps a nurse in the closet,
And now and then he brings her out and then he fucks her"
I said: "I'm going down to see the doctor anyway"
And then I turned around and I walked down the gate

Next thing I see is two girls
With their left hands in a sling
They start waving at me
But I have no idea, so they come walking up to me
I say: "Do I know you? What do you want?"
They say, they say: "Nothing"

Guy at the record store said:
"Go hang out at the hospital,
'cause this here at the hospital is the place to be!"
I say: "Really," they say "Yeah,"
I say "Really, really I gotta go see the doctor"

When I get there they say
The doctor has opened practice in the Caribbbean sea
I say: "What good is a hospital if there's no electric light and there's no doctor?"
Girl at the front desk says: "Bother someone else with that,
bother someone else, not me"

Midnight in love's institution
Hungry as a hawk in my bed
Going to sleep now
That would be a good solution
Nurse comes shaking pills out of my head
Nurse comes shaking pills out of my head
My head
In your love's institution
Hungry as a hawk in my bed

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