You Are Tugging at My Heart Strings, Please Stop

I was a lonely one. Wrapped up in the hard-shelled follies of self-pity.

I cracked that coconut. I keep cracking it. And every time I do, it doesn’t take long for me to slip back into folly. It’s a goddamn roller-coaster I can’t seem to get off.

The story of my mind is that of two rampant tugboats trying to maneuver a 400,000 tonne oil tanker in a tiny harbour. They both have their own conflicting ideas of how the maneuvering should be done. Pulling in the same direction never crosses their minds.

There’s the logical, stoic tugboat calmly explaining: «Hey, this is the obvious route to go. It’s also safer.»

And then there’s the lovelorn, hopelessly romantic tugboat proclaiming: «But this is the scenic route! Never mind peril, look at that sunset!»

Well, fuck them both. They’re nothing but trouble. Yet I seem to be anchored to them for life.

Friday, 10. August, 2007 · , &