This is the Note that will work

I had that one line. It came to me riding the bus on my way home from work. People were scurrying to the doors, long before the bus reached the designated stop. As if it was imperative to be ready. To throw out of the bus as soon as the doors opened. As if they would only be open for a split second, locking anyone hesitant or idle inside never to be released from that huge, rolling, red coffin.

«And this is the note that will work,» I thought.

It happens every day and I am constantly amazed. Not by the predictability of man, rather the illogical fear of suddenly being encased in molasses, powerless to unstick themselves from their seats in time to vacate the bus. The harebrained schemes of mice and men are always cause for concern.

And this is the note that will work.

Thursday, 25. January, 2007 · &