There’s something shimmering down there beneath the surface. Its lustre draws my eyes closer. I feel there’s something to be unearthed there. Something to treasure, something to keep close to my heart. I can’t quantify it nor feel its mass. A beautiful concept is waking beneath the water. I desperately want it. I need it. I can feel it inside my head, crawling around, whispering to me.

Whatever aspirations come to you will never reach fruition. There’s no release, no sense of completion. Only fractured pieces evaporating before you are able to see them clearly. Your mind is blank, unable to think of anything. Your eyes slip out of focus and there are no thoughts other than the one fueling your fingers. There is no past, no future, only a desperate present looking for something to cling on to. If only a glimmer of a thought could sustain you, at least for today. A temporary fix to an eternal quandary that seems to never perish.

When you’re feeling up, you’re too preoccupied with realizing you’re doing alright to make anything of it. When you’re feeling down, there’s nothing at all. No thoughts, no dreams, no hope, only a seething need to distract yourself.

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