Don't Mind Me, I'm Just Passing By

Life isn’t a Great Adventure. It’s a series of random events based on an infinite number of random actions taken by over six billion random humans hurtling through space. Sometimes these actions converge en masse and before you know it there’s a war going on.

Sunday, 26. October, 2008 · , &


42 · 7. Nov. 2008

theethee, i don't know. isn't that to some extent just as good a definition of an adventure as any other? ...ones life is enriched by all the, for want of a better word 'sidetracks'. all these pitfalls we stumble over, climb out of, the uncertainty of tomorrow and our doubts about yesterday... well to me they seem fairly adventurous.

"as an old, old man trout would be asked by dr. thor lembrig, the secretary-general of the un, if he feared for the future. he would give this reply: 'mr. secretary-general, it is the past that scares the bejesus out of me'."