A Quiet
Young Bird

I pray to a God whom I do not know. It's unclear to me now — is he friend or foe?
I have fallen from grace with that God up above; I’ve lied and I’ve cheated, I’ve never known love.
He came for me once but the grapevine had burned. None would sing for a quiet young bird.
I walked away from that mess — I thought I was free — and that only this God knew my destiny.
And I lobby for heaven day in and day out. But I remain rejected and I’m filled with doubt.

Wednesday, 29. October, 2008 · , , &


42 · 7. Nov. 2008

i believe in earthly things, i believe in norway, i believe i live there. i do not believe in heaven or hell, i do not believe a good or bad entity resides in any of those uninhabited imaginary foxholes to our everyday life. however before i go on, i must ask, how is this particular post to be read, as someone who know you (close to) or as... a poetical-musing. with god mentioned as... einstein would?